Freistehende Markise Twins

Freistehende Markise

Freistehende Markise Twins


Attraktives Design und vielseitige Anwendbarkeit: Das sind die Qualitätskennzeichen der freistehenden Markise Twins. Unter der Tuchfläche von maximal 36 m finden auch größere Personengruppen bequem Platz: Das ist einer von mehreren Gründen, weshalb sich diese Markise auch bei Vereinen und im gastronomischen Bereich großer Beliebtheit erfreut.

A second reason is their stability. Two thick-walled steel tubes, supported by articulated arms with steel cables, give the frame superior robustness and a long service life with minimal maintenance. Since you don’t need any wall mounting, the Twins awning is a good choice for creating a shady spot in the garden. It is also ideal as free-standing shading for the terrace. Thanks to the large variety of designs in our shop, it is easy to match the color of the awning fabric to the surroundings. You can easily assemble it yourself with a little manual skill.

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The Twins Exclusief awning is the ideal free-standing sun protection for your terrace. The awning is particularly popular in restaurants and sports clubs, but it is also used with great success in the private sector.
If the apartment facade offers insufficient stability or if there is talk of an exposed terrace, the Twins can help. A cloth surface up to a maximum of 36 square meters is feasible without any problems.

The Twins Exclusief has two rolls of cloth that are connected to each other by means of a toothed wheel. Therefore, only one operation is required for both sides.
The system can be anchored in the ground, but can still be dismantled. In this way, the awning can be easily kept and stored in the winter months.

The stand for the Twins Exclusief, which is attached to a floor support, was recently replaced by a stand with a permanently welded foot. The intent is to attach this foot to a concrete foot. This adjustment makes it easier and easier to put the stand down afterwards.

Terrace awning
comfort and atmosphere go hand in hand with Gorres. The free-standing awning Twin offers you optimal protection and a pleasant ambience. Living! – we combine with personal and individual design! So choose the sun protection that suits you.

High-quality material
The profiles of the twin awning are made of high-quality extruded aluminum, which makes them very stable and strong. All screws and nuts are made of stainless steel. You will often appreciate the ease of maintenance and durability of this awning.

Standard version
– Including the articulated arms with double steel cable and forged parts.
– Including two thick-walled steel tubes ø 7.8cm.
– Including top cap.
– Frame color white (RAL 9010).
– max. width: 6 m.
– max. projection: 3 m per side (max. area 36 m²).
– Complete height (including roof): 3 m

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